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Slow Down in our Sauna raft at the Norraryd's Camping!

In an increasingly stressful society everyone needs a moment of peace and quiet. What could be better than to sit back in a hot sauna, breath and feel how muscles relax. Sauna is the joy of life and quality time, treat yourself to the wonderful feeling of relaxation that a sauna gives you. Our round sauna raft provides an even greater enjoyment!


Rent the sauna for your own party

We provide the necessary wood.
The sauna is returned in the same condition, clean and fresh after use.

Renting price upp to 3 hours: 1500:-
from the 4 rd hour +400:-/h

the campsite's guests pay only:

SEK 600 for 2h / family up to 4 people (eg 2 adults + 2 children)
+50 SEK / extra person

Sauna exclusive

We take a trip on the lake with sauna boat. A sauna host heats up and manage the boat and sauna for you. The sauna hosts make sure you have it comfortable and safety trip. We serve a pick of healthy snacks and vitamin-rich shots  serve fruit, mineral water and a sandwich board.

Time: 3 hours
Price: 4500 SEK up to 10 people
You have possibilit
y to use the shower on the camping

Possibility of shower in the campsite's newly ren