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Welcome to Norraryds Camping and Nationalpark Åsnen,

a fishing paradise of 15,000ha of water with a shoreline of 740 km!

The Nationalpark Åsnenis one of the largest fishing lakes in southern Sweden.
The lake has more than 1000 islands, many fjords and inlets providing diversity and variation.

Inthe lake you can catch such pike, perch, pike and eels.
Åsnen has arich fish fauna. At the 1999 exploratory survey 14 species of fish! The availability of pike in Åsnen is very good.

LakeÅsnen average depth is 3.1 m, is thus very shallow lake. It's maximumdepth is 14.2 meters deep but the areas are small in extent. Åsnen is amoderately eutrophic lake.

Rules for fishing in the lake Åsnen


- The fishinglicence is only valid for fishingrods and maximum 10 hooks

- The fishinglicence is a familylicence valid for husband/wife and children under 16 years in company with a parent.

- The licence is valid in the specified area and is not transferable. It must be shown on demand.

- When trolling (dragging behind the motorboat) a maximum of two fishing rods are permitted per licence.

- Catching pike-perch is forbidden the whole month of May.

- White fish and perch should not be returned into the lake.

-Allfishermen are asked to respect privately owned jetties, beachesandother permanent equipment (such as nets, fishing traps, etc). Theyshould also show respect and follow the general demands made by thepublic rights of access code.

- Respect the prohibition of landing on islands with signs of protected area for birds during the 1 April - 31 July.

Prices for fishing licence in Hönshyltefjorden


One year licence, region
600 Sek
One year licence, entire lake
700 Sek
Monthly licence
400 Sek
Weekly licence
250 Sek
Daily licence50 Sek


Pike-perch45 cmEel65 cmPike50 cm