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Things to do for your own in the surroundings Norraryds Camping

Excursions in the neighborhood

Trollberget and Bjurkär
National Park Åsnen

National Park Åsnen Trollberget 15 km, Sunnanbro 25 km
Several walking paths in beautiful deciduous forest (beech, oak), barbecue areas, exhibition about the national park

Kyrko mosse

Car cemetery Kyrko Mosse, 5km from the camping place

Ljushuset i Urshult

Ljushuset and ljusboden in Urshult
Stationsvägen 12, 36013 Urshult
Handmade candles. Exhibition and sale , 6km from the camping place. Best to get theere by bike, but you can even drive a car

Holma bron, the oldest building in our area

Holma bron, the oldest building in our area.
Old stone bridge at Blidingsholm 2 km from the camping place. Best to wisit by bike, walk or canoeing


a modern zoo with moose, red deer, fallow deer and deer in their own forests
www.ä , 23 km

Elinge älgpark
Jakobsgård 7,
341 75 Hamneda
70 km from the camping place

Misterhult 2032, 28591 Markaryd
75 km from the camping place

Huseby bruk

Timestopped here 100 years ago and you as a visitor can step inside andexperience the era when Joseph Stephens was patron of the mill, when thehorses worked together with the states and when everything was a worldof its own where what was grown was used in the castle kitchen., 45 km from the campsite

Växjö city

shoping, restaurants, museum

Indoor activities Växjö
climbing wal - bouldering, streetpark, trampoliner, pumptrack

Växjö city , 62 km

indoor adventures swiming area in Växjö


The mini world in Ljungby
is a visitor center created, operated and developed entirely on a non-profit basis by the association

Ljungby Järnvägsförening TågCentralen
model railway Karlshamn - Vislanda line
70 km from Norraryds camping

Svarta berg

Museum, exhibitions, walking path
Svarta berget, SV from Lönsboda, 36 km

Lekoseum in Osby

A museum for play and fun
Brio toys
Briogatan2, Osby.
51 km from the camping place

Ikea museum in Älmhult

IKEA by times, museum in Älmhult
Ikea museum, 48 km from the camping place

Karlshamns city

Gozy city by the sea with restaurants, nice walk along the beach "strandpromenaden"

45 km from the camping place

Boat trip to the Karlshamn archipelago.

Take the boat from Karlshamn harbor to Tärnö and Tjärö

See timetable:



The largest safari park in the Nordics. Operated on the animals' and nature's terms.
Bison, deer, wild boar, etc.
Restaurant and farm shop, 45 km

Kreativum in Karlshamn

Science center for all ages
Two floors and a park of experiences
45 km from the camping place


Kronolaxfisket, Mörrum 38 km

Brunnsparken Ronneby

Brunnspark i Ronneby , 62 km

Have a nice excursion!