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General conditions for renting cottages

Rules adopted by the Swedish Tourism Association on May 29, 1990 after consultation with the Swedish Consumer Agency

Norraryds Camping is the responsible landlor

d As a landlord, we have met the requirements from the Swedish Consumer Agency:

 - Send a written confirmation of the booking

 - Provide information in good time about where the key can be picked up

 - The home matches the description

- Inform about significant changes related to the booking

- State how to dispose of the home on the day of arrival and day of departure

When is a booking binding?

Booking is binding as soon as the tenant has paid the registration fee, or the entire rent.When should the booking be paid for?The registration fee must be paid within 7 days of booking.If the booking is made earlier than 30 days in advance, the registration fee is SEK 500 / week, or 20% of the rent. The registration fee must be deducted from the rent. The rest of the rent must be paid no later than 30 days before the agreed arrival date.If the booking is made later than 30 days in advance, the full rent must be paid immediately.If you book a longer period than 30 days, then you pay the following 30-day periods 6 banking days before the start of each new 30-day period.

What happens if you do not pay on time?

If the registration fee is not paid on time, the landlord has the right to cancel the booking.If you fail to pay the remaining amount, then it counts as cancellation and then the rules for cancellation apply.

What applies in case of cancellation?

Cancellations can be made orally or in writing to the responsible landlord, or to the place where the booking was received (eg,, or another of our partners). The landlord is obliged to confirm the cancellation in writing.

If the cancellation takes place earlier than 30 days before the agreed arrival date, you do not have to pay more than the handling / registration fee of SEK 500.

If the cancellation takes place later than 30 days, but earlier than 15 days before the agreed time, you pay the handling / registration fee of SEK 500 and 50% of the total rent. The registration fee is then included in the 50%.

If the cancellation takes place later than 14 days, but earlier than 7 days before the agreed time, you pay the handling / registration fee of SEK 500 and 75% of the total rent. The registration fee is then included in the 75%

If the cancellation takes place later than 6 days before the agreed time, you pay the handling / registration fee of SEK 500 and 100% of the total rent. The registration fee is then included in the 100%.

If the tenant has had time to pay more than he is obliged to pay, the landlord must repay the difference within a reasonable time.

Is there cancellation protection?

The landlord can offer cancellation protection of SEK 300

With cancellation protection, the booking can be canceled free of charge up to 1 day before the agreed arrival. In that case, the entire amount is refunded - the administration / registration fee of SEK 500 and the cancellation protection of SEK 300

The cancellation protection applies in the following cases and which may not have been known at the time of booking:

- death, illness or accident of a serious nature that has affected the tenant himself, spouse, cohabitant, close family, or fellow travelerconscription into the armed forces or civil defense

- there is another serious event beyond the tenant's control that could not have been foreseen when the booking took place and which means that it is not reasonable for the booking to be fixed. For example, extensive fire or flooding in the home

The tenant must be able to iron out his obstacle with a certificate from e.g. doctor, authority, or insurance company. The certificate must be sent to the landlord as soon as possible for a refund to be possible.

What are the tenant's rights?

If the landlord does not provide the cottage / apartment in the promised condition or at the right time and is unable to offer another cottage / apartment whose differences from the one booked are so small that they are irrelevant, then you have the right to terminate the lease. The landlord must then repay all that has been paid and reimburse the tenant for substantiated and reasonable costs, less the benefit the tenant may have had from the cottage / apartment.Instead of terminating the lease, you can request or offer a reduction in the rent.If the tenant has a complaint, they should be presented to the landlord as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours from the day of arrival. Errors that occur during the stay should be reported immediately, so that the landlord has a chance to correct it.The tenant has the right to put someone else in his place and the landlord should accept that person unless there are special reasons to refuse. In that case, this must be announced before the day of entry and a rebooking fee of SEK 200 can be charged.

What are the tenant's obligations?

The tenant must take good care of the cottage / apartment and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. The tenant is responsible for all damage that occurs to the property and its equipment, because the tenant or someone in the tenant's company has been negligent. In the event of any damage, the guest will be required on the item's new acquisition value, or the renovation cost. In the event of lost keys, the lock will be replaced and the new acquisition value + repair cost will be invoiced to the tenant.The tenant may not use the cottage / apartment for anything other than what was agreed at the time of booking (usually for leisure purposes) and may not allow more people to stay overnight in the cottage / apartment or on the plot than stated at the time of booking, or the cottage is approved for.The tenant must clean properly before departure. If this is missed, the landlord will perform cleaning at the tenant's expense of SEK 500. A deposit of SEK 500 is requested and refunded after the cottage / apartment has been inspected and the cleaning has been approved.

War, natural disasters, strikes, etc .:

Both landlord and tenant have the right to withdraw from the lease if the cottage / apartment can not be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, labor market conflict, longer interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events, which neither tenant nor landlord could predict . In this case, the landlord is obliged to repay what has been paid as soon as possible, less the benefit the tenant has had from the cottage / apartment.

What happens if the landlord or tenant does not agree?

As a tenant, you primarily contact the landlord directly with any complaints. The chances of getting a correction decrease the longer it takes to complain.If you do not agree and the landlord is a private person, you go to court.If you do not agree and the landlord is a company, you can turn to the General Complaints Board ( It consists of an impartial chairman and a number of representatives of tour operators and consumers. The consumer guide in your home municipality can help you.

The address is: General Complaints Board Box 174 101 23 Stockholm