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The Åsnen area is best visited by bicycle (or kayak).

You can ride on bicycle paths completely without car traffic, on small winding paved roads with very little traffic or on cool gravel roads in the forest.

Below is information about our bicycle services:

  • rental of bicycles
  • guided tours
  • bicycle package - do it yourself with overnight stay, diet and tour suggestions
  • tipped on bike tours you can do yoursel


Rental of bicycles

The bikes you can rent from us are suitable for both gravel
and asphalt roads.

from 160 cm to 190 cm

White with front suspension

SEK 350 / day
SEK 250 / half day (9-13 or 13-17)

Guided bike experiences with local guides

Hönshyltefjorden 13km or 26 km

May-September + Danish and Swedish
school holidays in October

Mondays from. 17:00
(We start at 16.00 in May and October)

We cycle on cycle paths, gravel roads and paths in the forest. We adapt the difficulty to the participants. We stop at a beautiful place by the lake to enjoy our food bag. Possibility of bathing.

Price with bicycle rental and coffee break SEK 595 / person
Price without bicycle rental: 350 SEK / person
Registration by the day before the tour.

Book in time, we only take 6 people / excursion

4 people or more can book other times April-October

Guided tour with local guide - 30 km National Park Åsnen

Wecycle on the Banvallsleden towards "Trollberget" i the National Park Åsnen. Take a walk inToftåsa myr before we reach Trollberget, the gate to the national park,where we enjoy our lunch.

Possibility of bathing. Bring towel and swimwear if you wish. The tour continues with visits to Hylevik and Ramnar montain's outlook tower. If the participants are able and willing, we can take a detour to the "Dålda fallet" before returning to the campsite.

The tour is organized on Sundays with uneven dates July-August. Se the exact dates in the calendar.

Price 1395kr / person  with rental of bicykle, 1095 SEK with own bike.

Book in time, we only take 6 people / excursion

Guided tour with local guide
- 60 km Nationalpark Åsnen

Wecycle to Urshult on the south-east side, turn north towards Bjurrkärrnature reserve and one gate to the national park. On the way there westop at the donkey's smokehouse and pass fine apple orchards with smallcommercial sheds along the way.

We cycle around Bjurkärr where we also consume our food bag.

Thetour continues towards Torne where we connect to the Banvallsleden.Passes Hylevik and stops at the troll mountain, the second gate to thenational park. Bicycles or walks up to the ramgenerget's viewing towerbefore we continue our journey home.

Full Day experience

Price 5580 SEK / person up to 4 participants, then 1395 SEK / person. Rental of bicycle, lunch and coffee is included. With own bike, 1095 SEK/p.

The tour is arranged below  May-October

Bicycle package - do it yourself with accommodation, full board and tour description

Bicycle package Mörrumsån - Åsnen National Park, 2 nights, 3 bicycle days

If you are looking for a cycling holiday with few people in beautiful nature, on roads with sparse traffic, or completely car-free roads - then this is the perfect choice for you!

This tour can be done with 2 or more nights, with 3 or more days of cycling.

Holiday Highlights
  • This cycling holiday goes along one of the most beautiful parts of the national cycle trail, the Southeast Route (Simrishamn-Växjö) and the Banvallsleden (Karlshamn-Halmstad) through the National Park Åsnen
  • Experience the well-preserved nature along Mörrumsån with several nature reserves and the wild salmon's natural playground
  • Åsnen National Park, Northern Europe's largest lake archipelago with 1000 islands
  • Rich population of bird, fish and wildlife
  • Flexibility to choose your own start date between March-October!
  • Possibility of extra round trips directly from the accommodation at Norraryds Camping
  • A smorgasbord of Swedish flavors - organic and locally sourced diet
  • Possibility of activities such as canoeing, sea kayaking, kayaking, fishing

The cycling is easy to moderate with small height differences

This "do it yourself" trip is for 2 people and includes accommodation with full board, luggage transport and detailed maps and tour suggestions.

The accommodation takes place in small newly built cottages at Norraryds Camping. It is simple standard for a comfortable and trouble-free holiday with my-in-nature feeling and more time together. Shower and toilet are located in nearby newly renovated service house.


We serve,
as far as possible,  locally produced foods of  organically grown raw materials.

We meet you at the train station in Mörrum where you get your tour description and packed lunch. Your luggage can be,  transported to the accommodation. After a nice bike ride you will arrive at the accommodation where a
good  healthy dinner and comfortable beds are waiting for you.
Day 2 begins with a Swedish breakfast. With packed lunches, map and tour description you can spend a day in the National Park. You can choose to cycle 30 km or 60 km. In the evening you can relax in our sauna which floats on a raft.
Day 3 you cycle to Mörrum along the valley of Mieån.

NOTE, Youcan choose to end the tour at Norraryds Camping and continue yourjourney by bus. The bus stop approx. 100m from the campsite. In this case you will have a biking tour in our arroundings day 3 before you take the bus.

Price 1: 7115 SEK 6995 SEK 2 persons with rental of bike, transport of equipment, 2 nights in cottage with breakfast, lunch package, dinner, sauna, the book of National Park Åsnen.

Price 2: 5015 SEK 4895 SEK 2 persons when you have your own bike

Pris 3: 4015 SEK 3895 SEK  when you have your own bike,  transport your equpment for your own and have own lunch för day 1.

Duration:  2 nights in cottage + 3 days with bike.

Number of participants:  2 persons

Bike tours you can do yourself
Around Hönshyltefjorden

13 km  or 26 km
Asphalt and gravel road.

Cycle NO on the Southeast Trail. Turn right on the first paved motorway. Follow the sign "Hönshyltefjorden around" through the bridges over Mörrumsån / lake. Follow the path just after the bridges south through the forest and the river.
When you get out on the car road you can turn right and come back to the campsite Turn left if you want to extend the trip. Turn right after the bridge. Follow the gravel road around Granö lake. Drive across the pond and follow the cycle path back to the campsite.

Hacke kvarn

Asphalt and/or  gravel road.

Fridafors 30 km
Mien West 40 km
Mien East 50km
Thru Åsnen lake 60km + 20km

Advantagestart east towards Ursult. Turn north and follow the slightly hillyasphalt road. Take a break in Bjurskär, Åsnens National Park. It is wellworth walking / cycling the long round out on the cape! Then continuetowards Torne. Here you can cycle south on the Banvalls Trail thatfollows the lake. Gravel road. Or take the asphalt road some 100m westof the lake. Walk the forest trail at Trollberget, Åsnens National Park,14.5161804,10z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1yw1vgljvOiKizMiLOr4OqrqRQ8_mvcsP