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Cykelrundor du själv kan göra

Hönshyltefjord around

13 km or 26 km
Asphalt and gravel road.

Cycle NO on the Southeast Trail. Turn right where the bike path crosses a small car road.
Turn towards the bridges at "Rydsbrunn". Follow the paths through the forest by the river. When you get out of the car road you can turn right and come back to the campsite, or turn left to continue the road around the Granö dam. Follow the gravel road around Granö lake. Drive across the pond and follow the cycle path back to the campsite
Hacke kvarn

23 km
Asphalt + gravel

Fridafors 30 km
Mien västra
40 km
Mien Östra
50 km

Drive on the South East trail towards Urshult.
Turn south onto Hunnamålavägen.

Feel free to take a bath at the bathing beach in Miens south beach.
Then continue NV towards Ryd.
60km + 20km

Advantage start east towards Ursult. Fold off Norrut and follow the slightly hilly asphalt road. Take a break in Bjurskär, Åsnens National Park. It is well worth walking / cycling the long round out on the cape! Then continue towards Torne. Here you can cycle south on the Banvalls Trail that follows the lake. Gravel road. You can also cycle the asphalt road approx. 100m west of the lake. Walk the forest trail at Trollberget, Åsnens National Park.